Governor Cooper announced restaurants in North Carolina can open at 50% capacity at 5:00 PM on Friday May 22. With the restrictions lifted, we can now allow dining on premise. In order to protect our staff and customers, we have made the decision not to open indoor dining at this time, but patio and outdoor dining are available. Curbside pick-up will still be available for those wanting to dine at home.


Our rural location combined with plentiful outdoor space makes us more fortunate than other restaurants. Our patio will be open for dining and we have erected a tent in our back yard for out door dining as well.


We fully understand that moving into Phase 2 does not mean we are in the clear or that the virus has gone away. With that in mind, we are taking every precaution to keep our staff and customers safe. Following guidelines from the CDC, the National Restaurant Association, NC Department of Health and Human Services and our local health authorities we have come up with the following procedures to keep everyone safe. 


Please read carefully about changes we have implemented. 


We will still be practicing contact-less service. 


* Our dining room will not be opening for indoor dining.

Our patio will be open and we have erected a tent in the yard with tables for people to dine in.


* We will not be providing printed menus.

Orders will still need to placed and paid for online through our online ordering platform. We know there is no phone service up here. When you arrive, you will have to connect to our open WIFI to place your order. The easiest way to order is to download the Toast Take Out App from your app store. You can also visit our online menu through There are signs coming for the premises with instructions and QR codes that will open the online ordering platform.


* For the duration of the pandemic, we will be using disposable place settings.

This means plates, cups, utensils and napkins. We will have garbage cans available and ask people to remove their trash. While the idea of transitioning to disposables hurts our environmentally conscience hearts, we feel our obligation to provide a safe working environment is more important. The idea is to limit the amount of contact we have with things that have been in contact with peoples hands and mouths and to not bring these items back in to the restaurant. 


* Once tables are cleared, the staff will sanitize all tables and chairs for the next customer.

For your safety, please only sit at tables that have been sanitized. These will be clearly marked. Be patient (and kind) this is a new reality and concept for all of us. 

* Our restrooms will be open, but access to our dining room will be limited.

We will be disinfecting our restrooms much more frequently than before. Our goal is every 30 minutes, depending on demand. We ask that you sanitize your hands before entering the building. To keep yourself safe, you should wash your hands after coming in contact with any public surface AND sanitize your hands upon exiting the bathroom. 


* Restroom entrance and exit will be one way.

Except in limited mobility situations, restrooms must be accessed through the side door where the handicap ramp is. This will allow people waiting in line the ability to wait outside in the fresh air, rather than congregating inside. We will have hand sanitizer at the door. We ask that everyone entering the building sanitize their hands. Please follow the signs to exit out the patio door.


* Be KIND. It is what it is. 

This is a new reality for all of us. We will have policies and procedures that are designed to keep our staff and business safe, but might not be as customer service orientated as it used to be. We are still the same smiling, hard working people you saw in March, but with the number of people we may have on the property every day we have to maintain our distance and limit our contact from everyone. While this is a new concept for us, the idea of having a staff outbreak is even harder to imagine. We must do our part to mitigate that risk. 


* To reduce our risk, you must order online, even on the property.

We will not be taking cash or swapping cards. We know this is inconvenient but (1) it is the only way to access our ever changing menu and (2) the only way to pay. Please take some time before your visit to download the app from Toast Take Out or familiarize yourself with our online ordering system. It will make your experience more enjoyable and reduce contact with our staff. 


* Yes, you must still see our menu and pay for your order online.

We understand every person and business will do what they think is prudent to keep themselves and their staff safe. There are restaurants that will allow dining inside, there are some that will take cash, some will provide paper menus, and some that will exchange credit cards. We are a small family business and our staff is like family to us and we want to keep everyone safe, including our customers. With summer here and people coming from all over the country to get outside in our forests, we are doing what we think is right to keep our staff, customers and business safe. Due to the vast number of people arriving on the property every day, these policies will ensure we can operate the business and keep our staff and customers safe. 


* Please bring a face mask with you

While we fully understand you can not eat with a mask, we would prefer you wear one when conversing with others and not eating. Additionally, if you do need assistance with ordering on the property or need help with your food order, you will need one to interact more closely with the staff. Out of respect for your health and well being, we will be wearing masks. Masks are the ONLY safeguard we have to contain the spread of the virus. Please return the favor. 


* We hate this as much as you

It breaks our hearts to have the dining room closed and to limit our business. It's the antithesis of everything we have worked to build over the last seven years. We service a predominately vulnerable community and we care about the safety of our staff. Please don't use your time here to argue or complain to the staff, or make demands that fall outside of our company policies. 


If you have not already, familiarize yourself with our menu, our online ordering platform and our new policies, designed to keep everyone safe. We hope you will feel safe dining outside under our tent, or on the patio at some point this summer. We will still be offering online ordering for curbside pick-up for those that would like to continue dining at home.

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